Value Scanner Battles Banknote Burden

A lower–cost currency scanner that offers almost all of the features of higher priced models is now available from Cummins-Allison Ltd. The new JetScan™ 4161 is able to count mixed denomination currency at speeds of up to 1500 notes per minute with an accuracy of 99.98%. It can also be linked to a Cummins JetSort® coin sorter, providing a total solution to counting coins and notes from the same gaming or vending machine as well as processing this data using industry standard cash management software such as that provided by Playsafe and Bally Gaming.  

In addition, The JetScan 4161 features a bright and clear display plus an efficient tactile keyboard; the machine is designed to be simple to use in order to free operator time for other tasks and takes up considerably less than one square foot of desktop.  

The new scanner has been developed from the top of the range JetScan 4166, which was created for the banking and security sector and incorporates sophisticated counterfeit detection features. Prime targets for the new JetScan include all businesses throughout the leisure and gaming industry that operate gaming machines.  

One of the Government’s amendments to the 1968 Gaming Act allows players to use banknotes as well as coins; this has already induced many manufacturers to fit note acceptors with the ability to detect counterfeits in their machines. Cummins-Allison Managing Director Terry Lambert explains, “One of the features of our new JetScan is its ability to count mixed notes. The gaming machine will have already rejected counterfeits and so all the operator needs to do is stack the notes in the scanner’s hopper. Removing the need to scan for counterfeits has allowed us to offer an otherwise fully featured JetScan at a very accessible price.”  

    JetScan Note Scanners

Commenting on the amendments, Sports Minister Richard Caborn said, “This change in regulation will benefit both players and the industry immediately. Benefits for the industry could be up to £1.85 million per year, largely through reductions in maintenance costs and ‘down-time’ caused by wear and tear on coin mechanisms. Players would enjoy more choice in methods of playing machines. They would also benefit from reduced ‘down-time’ and fewer disputes if the machine does not pay out properly.”  

Data issued by the Bank of England in 2003 shows that the value of notes in circulation continues to rise despite the increase in the use of credit and debit cards over the last decade; in 1998 it was £23,548 millions increasing to £29,344 millions in 2002. The same five year period saw an average annual issue of 1,136.2 million notes. Terry concludes, “We have seen the need for reliable currency scanning machines growing in UK businesses as the rising number of notes taken increases the workload. Also, it is encouraging to see the Government taking steps to bring the gaming industry up to date; it’s our job to make sure all businesses profit even further by following its example!”

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