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XDS – The new low-cost depth and slope control system from Spectra Precision



Launched to the UK at Interbuild 2000, the Spectra Precision XDS Excavating Display System offers depth and slope control for excavators and backhoes at a very affordable price.  

“We recognised that there was a need for a system like the XDS in the construction market,” explains Peter Brooks, Spectra Precision UK Machine Control Manager. “There are others available but they are not so easy to use and are much more expensive – they just don’t have the profit potential of the XDS.”  

The system has various operating modes including the facility to pre-set a required depth in centimetres and then excavate until the display shows that the bucket is at the correct depth. Alternatively, the operator can locate the bucket at a given point first and then set that reference into to the control unit and continue to work to it. A “keep and save” option allows a depth reference to be carried from one work area to another so that depth control can be maintained when excavating in locations with differing heights. A sloped reference may also be pre-set to assist with working to grade or to a horizontal plane.  

An optional boom-mounted laser “eye” receiver is available to allow the excavator to work with a rotating laser plane for use when the excavation level must be related to an absolute site reference. The system simply requires the machine’s boom to pass through the laser beam to acquire the reference.  

There are three shock proofed angle sensors, one on the boom, one on the dipper arm and the other on the bucket that measure the angle of the boom elements relative to a gravity reference. The bucket sensor is waterproof to allow work in flooded ditches etc.  

In-cab information may be viewed on both a main and a remote display unit and a buzzer is also available for situations where the operator cannot take his eyes off the job at all. Both visual displays show when excavating is on-target position plus when it is lower, higher or far higher than the programmed reference. The remote unit is mounted according to individual preference and allows easy repositioning when operators change over.  

“From Concept to Completion”, Spectra Precision is a leading provider of positioning solutions for the construction, surveying and agricultural markets with products including laser levelling instruments, machine control systems, surveying technology and software.

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